Birth Photography Concerns

It's completely natural to have some reservations about hiring a birth photographer. It's such a personal and private moment, that it can be unsettling to think of letting someone else in on that experience. There are some fears, or concerns rather, about hiring a birth photographer and I would like to help ease those fears and hopefully answer any questions you might have as well.


So often, when someone thinks of birth photography, they think of "crowning shots". A lot of women are worried that their most intimate and private moments will be shared and spread all over social media sites.

Some women just don't understand the point, or the reasoning behind birth photography. Or they aren't sure if it's really for them.

Whatever the case may be, there are fears, or concerns rather, that I would like to put to rest. My goal is always to bring less stress to the mother-to-be.

I want you to see that this type of photography is beautiful. There are moments that you won't be able to get back, and you possibly won't even be able to remember. Let's face it, there is a LOT that goes on around you when you're getting ready to give birth.

So grab your favorite beverage, curl up with your honey, and read through this guide to help put your mind at ease about hiring a birth photographer.

Concern 1.

I'm not really sure I NEED a Birth Photographer

The thing I hear most when I show a new mother her birth photography images is "I don't even remember that happening!" There is so much going on around mom, and happening TO mom, that she rarely remembers the small details that a photographer is looking for. The way her significant other holds her hand and supports her in any way possible. The moments she felt her weakest, yet pulled through and showed her true strength.

Birth is a once in a lifetime event for that baby. These moments not only deserve to be photographed, they long for it. Picture this: 30 years from now, on the night of your daughter's wedding, sitting with her and showing her images from the day she was born. Time goes by way too quickly, photographs are really the only way to keep a memory alive, long after we are gone.

Concern 2.

I don't want pictures of this private moment all over social media

I 100% understand this concern! The most important thing for you to know is that I would NEVER post any images of you that made you uncomfortable. What's more is that if you don't want ANY images shared on social media, or my website, or marketing materials, that is 100% OK!

My only concern is with your comfort. Trust plays a big part in a photographer/client relationship. You're inviting me into a very private, intimate moment, and I take that very seriously! I would never jeopardize your comfort just to post some images online. I would never post any images without your permission. Period! End of story!

Laura captured every moment of our birth beautifully. We are so thankful for everything she did. We have this memory for a lifetime. Thank you so much!
— Rebekah P.

Concern 3

I don't want photographs of "certain things".

This is completely understandable. Some women want me to photograph anything and everything, while others only want certain shots. Either way, I'm happy to only photograph what YOU are comfortable with me photographing.

I have a questionnaire that I ask all my mothers-to-be to fill out at the time of booking. This is so I can know ahead of time what type of shots you're most interested in, and this way I won't push you outside of your comfort zone.

Concern 4

I've heard birth photography is rather expensive!

Well.. this can be true. However, it's well worth the investment. I won't pretend to know your financial situation, however, I do know this.. If you really want something, you'll make it happen.

Birth photography is something that is best planned for in advance. I offer the option of a payment plan for birth photography as well if that's something that you find you would like to take advantage of. Saving for it is also a great way to be able to afford the investment. 

The thing to keep in mind is that these photographs aren't just for you! They are for the family members that couldn't make it to the actual birth. They are for the future generations to look back on (your children and your children's children). These are memories and they are worth investing in!

Concern 5.

What if I have to have an emergency C-Section?

Sometimes, things happen that we just cannot control. However, we can try and prepare for it to the best of our abilities. What I do is I'll bring my back up camera, hand it over to the person allowed to go into the operating room with you and I'll use whatever I can from those images. Plus, I will stick around after you're out to make sure I capture your first bonding moments with your new baby.

Hopefully this guide helped to put some of your concerns to rest. Of course, I am happy to go over any other questions or concerns you may have about hiring me as your San Clemente Birth Photographer.