If you love the idea of a relaxed photography session in your home...

If you're not really into the poses and the props of traditional newborn photography

If you love the idea of being able to snuggle with your new baby in a place that is meaningful to you (your home)...

Then this is for you

For me, as a Twentynine Palms Lifestyle Newborn Photographer, it's about capturing the bond between you the newest addition to your family. I love that these sessions are done in my client's homes where they can relax and just be themselves.

A little bit about my style: I am a natural light newborn photographer that uses the light coming in from your windows to capture the engagement between you and your new baby. My goal is to make it as easy as possible, and as natural as can be. I use a mixture of color and black and white images to express the emotion of the image I captured. This session involves very little "posing" but I do direct you with activities, such as the image below, I simply asked mom to sit in the chair and love on her baby. It's that easy!

What I love about Lifestyle Newborn Photography: I love that it's done in your home, where everyone can just be themselves. I don't want to put your baby in an awkward "froggy" pose position. While I do think images like that are cute, I much prefer a natural interaction between baby and the family. It's all about the bond you share together. You're all on this new adventure together, so why wouldn't we want to capture that for you to look back on in years to come?

Why Choose Lifestyle Newborn Photography: While this is a completely personal preference, I think there are very big differences between the two typical types of newborn photography offered. One is portraiture. It involves your baby and props being posed all cute like, while I feel it is unnatural, I think the images created are often times, beautiful. Lifestyle newborn photography isn't about the posing and the props, it's about the connection and the bonding. The photos taken of just baby are in a more natural pose that baby is already likely to be in, such as sleeping in their crib, or swaddled up in a cute blanket. In my opinion, there is less pressure for baby to "perform" a certain way. But in the end, it's all a matter of personal preference.