Because the first moments of you bonding as a family are important to you

Because it's all new and you want to remember these first moments forever

Because you know that you'll never get this time back

This is for you...

For me, as a Twentynine Palms Fresh 48 Photographer, it's about capturing the bond between baby and parents. A bond that is unbreakable. A bond that will last a lifetime.

A little about my style: I am a natural light photographer that does not use flash during my fresh baby sessions. For my fresh baby/fresh 48 sessions, I love to use the natural light that comes in through the hospital windows. I use this light to help tell the story of the moments being captured. I use a mixture of color and black and white images, with a filmy finish to their final look. My use and choice of color or black and white helps me to express the emotion of the images that I capture. I also use a mixture of lifestyle and lightly posed images to capture the story of the day. 

Why I love Fresh Baby/Fresh 48 Sessions: One of the things I love most about being a San Clemente Newborn Photographer is getting to capture the first moments of babies life. Whether that's during and immediately after birth, or a couple days later. I love going to the hospital to visit the family with their newest member and watching their interactions together. It's such a special moment that I feel truly blessed to be able to capture. I love that these sessions are real, it's not about "sit and smile for the camera", it's just about a new family that been created.

Why choose a Fresh Baby/Fresh 48 Session: Fresh baby sessions are great for the parents that aren't fully comfortable with capturing the birth of their baby, or perhaps for medical conditions or personal reasons, they just aren't able to have a birth photographer present. Fresh 48 sessions still allow for the documentation of the first few moments of being a new family. It's also a great session to have big brother or sister involved in because often times, they aren't present during the birth of the new baby.