Because you're glowing
Because you're carrying life inside of you
Because these are the moments you will miss, even if you don't realize it now
Because this is all new, a new baby, a new pregnancy, a new life
This is for you...

For me, as a Joshua Tree Maternity Photographer, it's all about capturing the beautiful glow of a mother-to-be and showing off the unbreakable bond and unconditional love that has already formed between mother and child.

A little about my style: I am a natural light maternity photographer who loves to capture a growing belly in beautiful outdoor locations. I also deeply love capturing an intimate moment between two people, about to become parents (whether it's for the first time, or the third time) in their home just being themselves. I love to use a mixture of color and black and white images to portray the emotion of an image I created. I love all the little details; hands holding the belly, the adorable little line that travel downward from the belly button, all the little things that make you, you and this pregnancy unique to you.

What I love about Maternity Photography: Honestly, what don't I love about it? I have a special connection to maternity sessions. I struggle with infertility and I long to be a mother one day. Being able to capture this milestone of life is an honor and a blessing for me. One of the things I love most is being able to capture mom's glow. Too often I notice that mothers-to-be do not see themselves as beautiful. My goal is to change that image of themselves. What is more beautiful than a woman creating life. God created you to carry life inside your womb, that is beyond beautiful. It's a gift. Whether I'm  capturing just mom and her baby bump or if I'm capturing the whole family, my goal is to always capture the connection and the bond between them.

Why choose Maternity Photography: While this is completely a personal choice, I believe in documenting the moments of life. While you may not feel that you look your best during pregnancy, I promise you, you are beautiful. Just for a second, imagine this: showing your daughter images of you, pregnant with her, before she gives birth to her own daughter. It's moments like this that are to be treasured. And while 9 months may feel like forever when you're carrying an extra human around in your body, I promise you, it's going to go by faster than you imagined. Before you know it, you'll have a toddler on your hands. Pregnancy is a beautiful gift, and I personally believe it's worth capturing so that it can be forever remembered and looked back on.