If you want to be able to remember your child just as they are, today,

then this is for you..

For me, as a San Clemente Children's Photographer, capturing children just as they are is the most important responsibility I have as a Children's Photographer.

A little about my style: I use natural light and focus on bringing out the genuine personalities of the people I photograph. I am not one for "sit and smile" at the camera. I want to see your soul. This is no different for children's photography. My goal is to capture your child's personality and show who they truly are through my photographs. I use a mixture of color and black and white images to express the emotion of an image the way I felt it when I captured it. I love to capture details of each child as well, I feel this helps bring out a smaller piece of them that may be hiding a bit.


What I love about children's photography: I love how honest children are. It's very rare that you see them hide who they are or what they're feeling. I love that. I never want a child to feel like they have to force a smile with me. If they are shy, that's what I want to capture. If they are outgoing, I want to see that. If I have to chase them all over the place because that's just who they are, then that's what I'll do!

Why should I have a Children's Session done: While the decision is ultimately up to you, my personal beliefs are this... kids grow up way too fast nowadays. Before you know it, they are teenagers going off to high school. And then in the blink of an eye, you're at their wedding. I believe in capturing the different stages of life. Photographs are a way of freezing time so that we can always go back to a place that made us smile.