One Day, In-Person Photography Workshop


One Day, In-Person Photography Workshop


Want to see how I do things at my sessions? This in-person photography workshop will give you just that. One on one mentoring. This workshop is up to 6 hours for the day which includes all things photography. Please see the additional info for everything that is included in this workshop. If you have a friend you’d like to do this workshop with, please let me know as there will be a discount applied to both fees.

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What’s included?

  • One on one mentoring

  • Hands on learning during a real session

  • Session genre of your choice

  • Lunch or Dinner (depending on time of day and session type)

  • Editing review

  • Your own session (headshot) done by me

  • One set of my presets of your choice (Honestly RAW or Into the Sea)

  • Up to 6 hours (depending on schedule needs)