The easily forgotten moments before baby arrives.

The beautiful moments of babies first breath.

The instant bond that's created the moment you hear your babies cry.

This is why I'm here.

For me, as a Twentynine Palms Birth Photographer, there is no sweeter moment than welcoming a new life into this world.

A little about my style: I am a natural light photographer that loves working in low light situations (such as a hospital room). I love to use the ambient light around me to work and to really drive home the feelings and emotions captured in my images. As a Birth Photographer, I use a mix of color and black and white images to portray the emotions going on in my photographs.

Why I Love Birth Photography: Birth is a very intimate and personal moment shared between parents-to-be and baby. To be trusted and welcomed into this experience is something I do not take lightly. To capture the way a spouse cares for the mother of their child makes my heart melt. These are often the moments moms don't even remember because there is so much going on around her. I take my birth photography very seriously because it's like I become a small part of your family, if only for a moment.

Why Birth Photography: For me, birth is one of the few events I would HIGHLY suggest investing in. The birth of your child, whether it's your first or your last, is one of life's most precious gifts. There is always so much going on during labor and delivery that the mother often forgets, or doesn't even realize what's going on around her. Her spouses's support during a contraction. Or the concern on their face when mom is in pain and they knows there's really nothing they can do. It's a moment I treasure capturing on camera. I capture the bond between parents before baby arrives, and then I get to capture the bond between a new family after baby arrives. It quite literally makes my heart melt to be apart of it.