Saying Goodbye | San Clemente Family Photographer

As a San Clemente Family Photographer, I often express the importance of a photograph. I always say "When we're gone, the photographs will be all that's left to remember us by." Last week, these words became all the clearer. When you have to say "Goodbye", you understand the true importance of a photograph.

My uncle passed away last week. It was heartbreaking. For his wife, who he had spent 42 years with. For his children, who he loved to teach. For his grandchildren, who he loved to love. For all of his friends and family, and for me.

When I heard the news, one of the first things I thought about was the photos I took of him at my cousin's wedding almost 3 years ago. I cannot even begin to explain just how grateful I am to have those images to look back on. I'm also glad that my cousin and my aunt have those images to look back on as well. My only regret is that there aren't more of them.

You see, when someone passes, that's when things become clear. The time we didn't spend, the talks we didn't have, and the pictures we didn't take. Thankfully, my family had tons of other photographs of him that they were able to share and look back on.

He was a kindhearted soul. I always remember him being laid back, funny, and patient. He loved his family and he was kind to everyone he met. He will forever be missed by anyone who knew him. And I'll forever be thankful that I am a San Clemente Family Photographer who was able to capture my uncle in photographs, even if I wish we had more.


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