Learning with Laura

learning photoshop and lightroom with laura

So you want to learn how to edit?

Then I've got just the thing. Come join my private Facebook group where I will teach you everything I know about using both Lightroom and Photoshop to create beautiful pieces of art.

Whether you're looking to transform your art, or simply enhance, I've got you! Learning both Lightroom and Photoshop can be overwhelming. There's so much to know which means there's so much to learn. I can't teach you EVERYTHING, but I can teach you what I know.

What is included?
When you sign up for Learning with Laura, you'll be granted access to my private Facebook group. In this group, I will post videos for you to watch and learn from. These videos will cover everything from getting started in both Lightroom and Photoshop to getting creative in them as well. My editing tutorials are typically no less than $25 each, so this is a huge saving.

On top of learning how to edit, I will also be available for ANY and ALL photography related questions. This includes business related questions. You will have direct access to me for all your photography questions and needs!

How long will I have access to the videos for?
This is a yearly membership. So you'll have access as long as you remain an active member. What this means is that your membership fee will be due yearly in order for you to remain a part of the group. Should you decide the class is no longer for you, you may simply cancel your membership, but you will no longer be allowed in the group which means you'll no longer have access to the old or any new videos.

Can I download the videos to keep?
For this particular class, no. The videos will only be posted in the Facebook group and are not to be saved or shared outside of the group. However, if you'd like to book me for one on one mentoring, you would be able to keep the videos from that.

Will you be using actions/presets?
While I typically use my own presets to achieve my initial color, I will teach you how to achieve looks and color by hand rather than with actions or presets. However, feel free to check out my presets that I use in allllll of my work here: PRESETS

If all this sounds great to you, then what are you waiting for?