5 Tips to an Amazing Postpartum Experience | Orange County Birth Photographer

I adore being an Orange County Birth Photographer. I always feel so blessed and honored to be apart of such an intimately, special experience.

Last year, I connected with an amazing doula in the Orange County and San Diego area. I thought it would be great if she could provide some tips for moms-to-be on how to have an amazing postpartum experience. As we see so often, women struggle internally, and sometimes externally after giving birth. So Britni, of The Oceanside Doula, is offering up her Top 5 Tips for an Amazing Postpartum Experience.

1. Rest
Your body just accomplished an amazing feat. There is a lot of pressure to be up and going again quickly in this culture. Ignore it. You can't get this time back. Relax. Snuggle. Cocoon yourself as much as you want to.

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2. Allow others to help you.
In order to rest, you'll need some help. If friends and family offer dinner or help with the house work, take them up on it! When people come to visit, ask them to throw in a load of laundry or dishes. People love having something to do, and it helps you to recover with less stress.

3. It's OK to say "NO".
Speaking of visitors, choose them wisely. You are allowed to say "no". Say it with me, "NO!". You don't have to allow people who frustrate you or make you uncomfortable in your own home or hospital space ever, but certainly not during the vulnerable time right after birth.

4. Make a list.
Make a list of postpartum helpers and have it available. We hear a lot about birth plans and I love when clients know what their ideal birth scenario looks like, but postpartum often gets overlooked and it lasts a whole lot longer than the birth. If you plan to breastfeed, get the name and number of a recommended IBCLC. Will you need a dog walker or help with an older child? Get those helpers lined up ahead of time. Are you looking for comprehensive, professional help with all things newborn and postpartum adjustment for mom, partner, and entire family? Call me! A postpartum doula is the ultimate addition to your postpartum plan. The Oceanside Doula is honored to offer Postpartum Doula services to help make your transition to family a smooth and beautiful one.

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5. Capture the memories.
These days are fleeting. Your babies first birthday (and fifth and sixth) will be here before you know it. The newborn period is so short. Take many photos. Professional lifestyle photos of babies' first forty-eight hours will take you back in time to that newborn smell and feel when you've long forgotten it years from now. Laura Lynn Photography specialized in telling the story of your brand new family.

It's such a good idea to think about these things BEFORE the baby arrives. Let's face it, once that bundle of joy is here, you won't really want to think about much else (and they probably won't let you for a little while). Getting some help, whether from friends/family, or from someone like Britni, it's good to know that asking for help shows strength. They don't say "it takes a village" for nothing. It really does. Women too often try to take on the world alone, and when you have amazing people like Britni, there's just no need.

If you or someone you know is looking for an Orange County Birth Photographer, I would love for you to Contact Me. Laura Lynn Photography specializes is Birth, Fresh 48 hospital newborn sessions, and lifestyle newborn and family photography. I would love to capture your memories.